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A Route to Wellness (Part 1)

I see there being three key steps to supporting  the tinnitus patient. A word that seldom gets used when strategically moving from one key area to the next is ‘CONFIDENCE ‘. Deep confidence in one’s hearing mechanism is vital to beginning the process of tinnitus healing and this can only exist if these two stages are taken into consideration first! 

From doctor to ENT consultant / Audiologist – tinnitus hearing therapist

The path to ‘ear’ wellness begins quite simply. 

Go and see the  doctor or general practitioner to arrange a consultation with an ENT specialist, the tinnitus patient will likely be offered a scan, a hearing test and finally a ‘result’ as to what might be happening with their hearing issues. Further to this meeting a consultation with an audiologist to assess the results of hearing loss or damage can be discussed. Information pertaining to the patient’s condition can already achieve a positive outcome eg, hearing aids, tinnitus maskers, connections to tinnitus groups. All of these simple strategies have a positive effect on the patient and ensure that the person does not feel isolated and that there are several routes back to normality.