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A Route to Wellness (Part 2)

Clear information with a health practitioner builds the journey of inner confidence… 

Confidence to understand (on a deep level) that the person is not losing their mind and that the sadness and sense of loss and in some cases post traumatic stress is completely understandable. 

Confidence  that there is or is not a treatable physical cause such as a Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, TMJ ( temporomandibular joint ) or anything sinister etc. 

From here, try to visit and connect with a hearing therapist. Some audiologists may have this expertise or they will be able to put the patient directly in touch with such a person.

A hearing therapist will offer further tinnitus related information and advice and be able to discuss a personal plan of action and optional / additional coping strategies. The need to fully understand and decipher the professional advice is paramount to learning about oneself. 

Lastly, having the ‘Confidence’ and knowing that sound will not harm you and learning to once again adapt and enjoy a wonderful world of sound and noise.

Without confronting and going back into the awareness of owning and confronting the tinnitus then the patient will not be ready for the next stage .. SOUND THERAPY.