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According to the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), 1 in 8 of us suffer from tinnitus. What an incredible figure given this is a drastically underfunded and under-supported condition. We want you to know from the beginning of reading this text, and throughout your own tinnitus journey, that you are not alone! T-Minus is not just an app, we are building a community that aims to offer the best tinnitus advice and resources available, with a people-centred approach. We work with specialists including ENT consultants, audiologists, hearing therapists, sleep psychologists, mindfulness experts and others who we feel could support ongoing tinnitus needs. We do this because we understand that tinnitus is not just a simple ringing in the ear, it affects us all in different ways and can have a wide variety of causes. Despite what you may have been told, we believe that there is something that can be done and that you CAN take back control. We hope the website, information and the T-Minus app become useful tools for managing your tinnitus, and that you will join us on your tinnitus and take the first steps toward leaving the tinnitus maze.
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What is T-Minus?

Sound Therapy

Sound therapy has been a vital part in the management of tinnitus for countless tinnitus patients. T-Minus are the first company to really dig deep into the subject of sound therapy, with sound experts, world class musicians and producers and most importantly, fellow tinnitus sufferers. Shunning the practice of using stock sound libraries, looped sounds and poor quality recordings, instead travelling the world to capture and blend unique, real time sound experiences, with the love and attention that the condition deserves. Read more about the T-Minus sound therapy here:

Sound Therapy Design

Tinnitus Guided Meditations

Meditations designed specifically with the tinnitus patient in mind. Considerately created to include references to the sinuses, ears and the breath and to include T-Minus soundscapes, designed to increase relaxation and reduce anxiety, key factors in the ongoing management of tinnitus.

Guided Meditations


Those with tinnitus often need to travel through stages of grief before reacerting a new relationship with the condition. Being aware of symptoms but not overwhelmed by them, learning to listen to tinnitus as a guide of stress levels etc. T-Minus provide ongoing tips and advice via daily notifications. A journal to express your thoughts and fears and keep space for gratitudes.



A series of monthly tinnitus related interviews and webinars from subject relevant specialists. ‘T-Talks’ are designed to empower you to make the right decisions with the best knowledge. See upcoming dates and book now:



Monthly peer to peer calls (Tea with T-Minus) a secure place to open up with others who experience the condition, share ideas and just talk. Book onto the next Tea With T-Minus:


Join our social media pages, where the T-Minus community continue their conversations and discuss new ideas, research and share in a positive environment.

The Team

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Advisory Board

Susan Poole

Senior Audiologist & Hearing Therapist

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ENT Consultant

Victoria Didenko

Founder Tinnitus Australia

Dr Kathryn Fackrell

Research Fellow in hearing sciences, University of Nottingham

Special Thanks

David Granshaw, Chale Abbey Studios, Dave Heath, Gary Plumley, Severine Mouletin, Andrew Norman, Phil Gould.