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The eight tones, sounds and white noises that I used to have in my left ear were the sounds that I initially recreated to feed back into my therapeutic soundscapes. By giving back the sounds that plagued my existence; they were also responsible for my recovery.

Because I’m a musician, I find that as music is around me and lives with me constantly, I therefore get a lot of pleasure switching off and tuning into just sounds.

I like the diversity of the stimulating and evocative noises .

I find that the tones hide and intermingle so much with my tinnitus frequencies both in the past and now presently. The magnificent noises allow my mind to put the tinnitus somewhere else. To create a LESS THREATENING response.

I want the listener to begin the process of letting the noises and tones to blend in with their own frequencies and then start the journey to recovering control.

Control of one’s own tinnitus, control of one’s own emotions and reaction to the tinnitus and ultimately take back control of one’s own LIFE AGAIN.

Try playing the sounds and tones and various white noises as much as you can

You can still do a lot of work yourself during night time.

Set the T-MINUS music at a level just below your own tinnitus.