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Dive into the album: Majestic

I would advise every tinnitus sufferer to try sound therapy. And eventually, when the tinnitus, begins to dissipate I would encourage you to do the things that make you feel happy; take that train, boat, or plane, and go on that holiday.

It might feel terrifying being in the throes of tinnitus, but you can still take control of this, and navigate your own individual path to wellness.

Majestic is one of my favourite pieces of music in our sound therapy collection. It’s mystical, dark, moody, uplifting and above all encapsulates the overall feeling of ‘serenity’.

The sounds that act as the natural tinnitus masking tones, frequencies and noises come from the rain forest of Cuba in the eastern part of the country. I’ve managed to record some very special bird species for this tinnitus therapy tune. The Bee Humming bird, Cuban Blackbird, Blue-headed quail Dove, and the Cuban Bullfinch and Crab-Hawk.

There are waterfalls in the background amongst these serene and wonderful creatures.

This subject matter explores the notion of places, an exotic array of naturally occurring elements that work together in harmony to create a strange symbiosis that produces a uniquely personal journey into the mind and enables me to work with a unique selection of different sound environments . The musical challenge I set myself was to believe that I could create a heightened state of ‘peace’ and ‘stillness’ through elements that could contradict that utopian dream, (the contradiction being my own tinnitus noises) with either natural or unnaturally occurring frequencies and sounds, tones or other types of white noises.

I have carefully recorded these sounds in real time (meaning that they are not looped) this gives the listener a chance to fully explore the natural length of the journey that they are about to embark on. The full length album lasts nearly 50 mins.

As I have sadly experienced a wide range of tinnitus symptoms I therefore understand how to create them and work with them. By targeting the specific tones that the listener might have, I’m able to immediately give the listener the chance to park their own sounds somewhere else. An extremely gifted hearing therapist said this about the T-Minus Sound Therapy (The hearing therapist also has tinnitus).

“I hide inside the cocoon of your sounds Rupert and my tinnitus can’t find me!”

After those sounds are embedded into the music I’m able to then offer other tones and frequency sounds into the equation thus giving the brain the chance to refocus and look elsewhere for a new sound source. It’s important that the music isn’t both classical or new age. This is because I want the listener to be taken somewhere completely different and in order to present this I have to create a brand new sound reality.

For my tinnitus I find that coloured white noises work beautifully for my needs. When a person typically has a hearing loss induced tinnitus it can present itself with the loss being in the 8000 – 10000 Hz range. Within this track I have embedded a fairly wide range of frequencies that can also present themselves as tinnitus type noises.

My relationship towards ‘sound’ has, and always will be intensely personal and private. My reason for living a musical life is purely ‘devotional’. Bringing all of the elements (natural, unnatural and supernatural) into the T-Minus musical library is both liberating and amazingly endless.

I’m careful to take aspects from the very essence of nature’s glorious melodies in all it’s forms. I then bottle as much as is needed and from its contents I make a sonic concentrate. Just add the human consciousness to dilute the tincture and let it seep into the very heart of your auditory centre!

Musically speaking, the Majestic aspect of this particular piece comes from the trumpet, bowed double bass and sensitively sung vocal, augmented by the classical harp.

Frequency Range: Between 400 – 12000Hz

Recommended time of day: Evening / Daytime Musicians: Andrew Norman – trumpet and cornet | Severine Mouletin – vocals | Rafe Spencer – double bass and bowed bass | Rupert Brown – male choir and assorted instruments