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Diving into the Album: Air

Whilst creating the T-Minus Sound therapy, Rupert was always conscious of using his own experiences of multiple tinnitus sounds, in order to create resources with real value. The sound therapy music in the album ‘Air’ are particularly significant to Rupert and here is why:

“Air belongs to the environmental series. The album is incredibly personal to me, as it’s a replication of the tinnitus sounds that I initially experienced when I was first struck down with this condition. The sounds represent being alone on a lighthouse in the middle of the cold winter’s dark ocean, with bells striking a clock tower at the top of the building, waves crashing around, wind howling and gusting uncontrollably. The knocking sounds of metal rigging hitting the flagpole and birds making screeching noises as they summon the energy to leave the desolate platform on which I am forced to stay.

Scary and harrowing I know, but time has softened those old tinnitus sounds via my own type of sound therapies. I’m able to reflect upon this experience and use these strange mystical noises to create a new and exciting canvas of mind environments that help combat (if used correctly) the over stimulation of the mind, by delivering tinnitus back to tinnitus, thus eventually dulling and quietening the relentless and maddening tones and finally allowing the tinnitus sufferer to make friends with that person (they used to know) again”.

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