Guided Meditation

Meditation for Tinnitus

The guided meditations are designed to help the wider tinnitus community, but can be utilised for everybody’s relaxation and breathing needs.

The music has been carefully embedded with a myriad of harmonious frequencies. These range from real time found sounds of nature from around the world. For example a Moroccan ‘call to prayer’ was captured, blending the smokey exotic tones from the East and letting them melt and blow into environmental sounds that were recorded in the south.

The ambition for the meditation series was to have these worlds fused with a variety of voices and scripts, they are placed above and beyond the music, providing clarity whilst maintaining their connection to the soundscapes.

Guided imagery through meditation produces many possible outcomes. You can use this type of music therapy to assist you to learn the process of reaching a state of deep relaxation. This is particularly useful when dealing with stress, anxiety and even physical symptoms that can be exasperated by these states.

You can also use these meditations to help reach goals (such as losing weight or quitting smoking), manage pain and promote healing.

One of the keys areas when dealing with troublesome tinnitus is letting go of any associated emotional stress.

Once the body and mind begin to relax and become more peaceful then the positive possibilities become endless.

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