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I was a Gladiator

I was deaf in my left ear, whilst experiencing eight different sounds and noises in that same ear.  I was transported into a frightening sound canvas. On a lighthouse in the middle of the cruel ocean, bells striking a clock tower, waves crashing around me, wind howling uncontrollably. 

Coping strategies had to be learnt quickly in order to regain auditory equilibrium.

It took months for me to enter the process of ‘Habituation’ because my fear of sounds was so difficult to overcome. Bathing in natural and unnatural auditory environments was key to overcoming this torment.

 For someone with Hyperacusis, leaving your house can be a sonic battlefield. Normal everyday sounds overwhelmed my senses.

In the recording studio, I’d wear ear plugs and industrial ear defenders. I felt that every time I approached the drum set I was entering the Gladiators’ arena to fight lions. Every time I made it through the session it felt like a mini victory. These accumulative triumphs aided in the recovery.

I’ve lived in the world of tones, sounds, frequencies and an array of coloured white noises the majority of my life. Therefore I now feel able to assist the tinnitus community in taking back control.