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Light and Sound

Sound therapy was the vehicle I used ostensibly for my tinnitus path to wellness!

I figured early on that as sound was the major component in giving me hearing damage, then sound could also be a huge factor in the treatment of my tinnitus. Feeding back the sounds from an external source and putting them back into my mind alongside my own noises. 

Wearing ear plugs when walking, driving, travelling was only making my tinnitus worse. I was blocking any sound out and so creating a very negative fear response to noises and most damaging to me; I was falling into the trap of isolation!

We can protect ourselves to the point that we also take OURSELVES out of the equation and so begin the dreadful process of retiring into the background and eventually fading away. 

Visualisation was also key to the overall notion of feeding myself mental images that could initiate a glimmer of positivity. It’s so important to us all in our tinnitus community that we fully LET THE LIGHT AND SOUND back into our lives once more.

The T-Minus therapy music constantly teaches and reminds me to leave windows open when possible to let the sound into my life once more and enjoy the fruits of of these glorious, sometimes overpowering but never uninteresting or un stimulating environments. I made a huge point after I began making sound therapy to discipline myself to using it 8 hours per day every day. I treated it as if I was training for a sport or an important event.

I stuck to my rigid regime and kept notes (dietary, water intake, sound intake, good days, bad days). There were plenty of poor days and not many good days but I was very happy with the ever increasing OKAY days. They began to mount up steadily! I noticed an improvement after 3 plus months. But masses of improvement after one year ( but this was for me ) I did a lot of my listening during the night time hours and I just let it play all night. I set the volume just below my own tinnitus. I would then begin the process of letting my brain do a lot of the work, with the added benefit that my emotions were being somewhat cushioned (this allowed me the breathing space to put the tinnitus outside of my head / and start to get my focus on a new reality).

I prefer at night, to abort the idea of using headphones, as I want sound to start sinking in from every source; whether it be the music, cars outside, birds singing, fridges popping! It’s all part of the awareness of all things ‘SOUND’.