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Light Workers

A new sound therapy track from T-Minus has been released  today called ‘Light Workers’.

The majority of the work that I undertake is that of principal sound designer at T-Minus.

The background sounds were taken from a rain forest in Cuba and then worked into a soup that can only be described as emanating from the charred remains of a long forgotten past. That past being ‘the mystical centre’ of a style of music called TRIP-HOP and the city is B.R.I.S.T.O.L 

Mixed in with the intimate jungle sounds is a Flute played by Gary Plumley (Terry Callier’s right hand man and Woodwind musician extraordinaire).

The drums and other experimentations have been created by T-Minus.The tracks were performed live in the studio whilst using the naturally found sounds as the inspiration for this sonic sound canvas. Morricone esque in its flavour with an added touch of deep Caribbean Influence.