Therapy Design

T-Minus Sound Therapy

Whilst other tinnitus sound therapies and experiences seek to mask or keep users in homeostasis, to give short term solutions and short-term relief, T-Minus was envisioned for the long-term, to engender pervasive improvements that continue throughout the days, weeks, months and years.

Our tinnitus sound therapy steps away from looped sounds and cheap tricks, instead utilising the experience of world class musicians to produce unique pieces, taking people on a journey across time, towards total control of their auditory surroundings and towards a world where they can exist in connection with the sound around them, with complete confidence and happiness.

Sounds From Around the World

Each track within the T-Minus sound therapy library is built layer upon layer, utilising all real time field recordings, collected by T-Minus, from locations around the world. Blended into ‘Mind Environments’ the user can relax and enjoy each experience whilst also utilising science backed methods of reducing their tinnitus severity through sound therapy.

From the wind driving through an ancient Oak near to the Avesbury circle, to the churning of a Citroen 2CV turning into a gravel drive in the South of France, to the gentle whisps of a pelican taking flight from the water’s edge in Cuba, every part has a story, and each story is embellished with the beautiful musical narratives that are cleverly mixed together into these otherworldly sound concoctions.

There really is no other tinnitus sound therapy like this, or that has been created and delivered with such love and passion.

Sound Therapy You Can Use Long Term

It is important to make this practice as enjoyable as possible, which is why we created an expansive library of sound therapy tracks to choose from and personalise.

By making good sound therapy work with beautiful music and sounds and with science backed approaches, we are making sound therapy use, something that can be adhered to in the long term. There is only so long you can listen to looped recordings, white noise or the sound of an untuned radio!

Adherence is important because results have been shown to improve over time.

Designed to Invoke Fond Memories & Positive Associations

Every aspect of the T-Minus app and the expanding toolbox of tinnitus management resources is designed to be beautiful, to resurrect fond memories or most importantly to support the ongoing journey of each user towards tinnitus wellness. When designing our UI, we were drawn back to the experience and excitement of sifting through records in the local record shop of finding gems in your own collection. Each series of sound therapy has its own carousel of records and within each, you will find sleeve notes to describe the album in more detail.

T-Minus is built by those who have experienced severe tinnitus and many of the associated symptoms or secondary conditions, so it comes from a place of understanding. Every step of the way, we have been supported by an incredible team of voluntary professionals all of whom work hard every day to support those with tinnitus. A special thanks must go to each of them for their tireless efforts.

There is an Intended Route

The T-Minus tinnitus sound therapy and App were designed with a route, meaning that after completing the course (however long it takes) there is an end in sight, where the user can regain the confidence in their auditory surroundings and begin to exist in a world of sound and happiness.

Essentially there are five main categories:

Pure Sounds
Sleep & Sound Play

Begin with Series 1, ‘Environmental’. A gentle, pleasant, easy to listen to introduction to sound therapy. Sounds such as flowing water, crackling fires, crunching leaves, things that already have positive connotations in our minds.

These tracks don’t have scary surprises, no loud or sudden sounds to shock or scare the user but they do follow the therapeutic areas of fractal tones, non-looped sounds and music that changes and alters, not follow obvious melodies that you pay too much attention to. The overall aim is to build auditory confidence and begin the process of transforming the individual’s perception of sound. It’s so important to believe and know that outside sounds won’t ‘hurt’. Introduce the idea of finding safe havens in your everyday auditory world, whether it be by putting yourself near to the sea, near to a warm hot crackling open fire, a bubbling waterfall or one of a plethora of naturally occurring sounds, that can sooth and calm your tinnitus.


Next is Series 2 ‘Industrial’. This subject matter is important, because any of us live in urban environments, take trains, travel in cars, planes, motorbikes etc. It is important to include the myriad of sounds and noises that are derived from these diverse types of transportation. The key is not hide from these sounds, they can be scary or feel harmful to those of us with tinnitus and so have to be reframed, to gently reintroduce them.

Toned down and carefully EQ’d recordings of planes, trains, boats and automobiles and associated sounds, most certainly have their own charm and can carry the most positive of connotations. If the connection is re-wired and re-worked it is then very possible to take those sounds and give them back to the user in a more palatable and less threatening manner.

Many tracks were designed to invoke old memories of safety and wonderment, using the sounds of steam trains, like a day trip with grandparents, a Citroen 2CV turning in a gravel drive in the South of France, like old holidays. This way, subject matter soundscapes become far less obtrusive and position them further back into the mind. You can start to use this building block of frequencies to help work on playing with sounds and having fun with interesting stimulating noises once more. By desensitising oneself to these everyday sounds, we are able to distinguish reality from fiction. When we find ourselves confronted by them in the real world, we know it will not harm us.


Supernature explores how these sounds blend into everyday environments – reintroducing tougher landscapes, but also showing how together they can heal us with their own alluring beauty. For example a drive down a long Californian road with the beach and sea at your side, a mixture of nature and industry that collide and form positive outcomes. These are real environments, at times less predictable but aimed at desensitising, reducing the associated shock from sounds and still providing a strong , comfortable musical narrative.


The next stage, Series 4 Pure Sounds, takes the listener away from the supporting music and offers just unmusical sounds from many different environments, sounds which in some cases have been blended but in others exist in the world around as beautiful tinnitus frequencies.

We encourage you to continue building confidence and to listen to the sound environments, filling in the gaps with their own story or narrative, adding their own thoughts and feelings. Once you begin to adapt to this series it becomes more thrilling to take this new found awareness onto the street and learn to engage in the natural or unnatural masking sounds that we all happily coexist with.

Take time to listen to the distant hum of cars, the trickle of water in a stream, the rustling of leaves through a tree. Each sound has its own charm and connects us with the world around us.


The next stages are based more around making sounds more pleasurable again. We explore sleep and a number of other themes, they are designed to remind the listener that there is a world of sound and music around to explore and they support you with tinnitus specific sounds and frequencies for ongoing play and experimentation.

Series 5 ‘Sleep’ provides a number of our more popular tracks that users prefer to play at night. They cover a host of tinnitus frequencies and can be utilised as part of your sleep sound therapy practice.

Each further series explores other themes, such as binaural beats, which tackles the often misused subject of binaural frequencies. We also introduce further musical narratives, instruments played by world class musicians who understand the condition and blend their pieces with the supporting tinnitus soundscapes.

We encourage all of our users to remember that sound and hearing greatly benefits all of our lives . In order to preserve, strengthen, practice and grow this special sense, we must gently remind ourselves that sound experiences through enrichment are not to be feared but explored.