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New Meditation track with Dave Heath

Last week, I was back in the studio working on further tracks for the T-Minus sound library. For these sessions (which will be included into a new T-Minus series) I enlisted the help of an old friend called Dave Heath. This artist is one of the greatest flute players in the world and one of the three most inspiring musicians that I have ever worked with.

Dave has played for me on a new guided meditation track that was inspired by a long telephone conversation about ancient history and in particular the plight of ‘the Cathars’. Dave is a film maker, artist and producer that has been inspired to travel the world in order to make sense of his greater ‘self’. Recently he has been filming and recording in Pakistan and playing in caves littered with the Taliban, continuing his ever growing personal tour of peace and kindness. Through this process of discovery I feel instinctively that my friend is unifying people through music.

Dave has played with many great artists. He has written and recorded a concerto for the great violin player Nigel Kennedy, played on mainstream Hollywood movies such as The Man From Uncle and with singer songwriters such as Sting. Incidentally it was mainly Dave Heath’s recommendation that meant I was also offered to work with Nigel Kennedy.

I was 24 when that work took place (two years after my horrendous hearing accident and sudden onset of 8 different tinnitus sounds) when I embarked on a very busy 6 week tour and recorded two projects with Nigel. Nigel was headlining all of the major European Jazz festivals whilst touring under his own name. The gigs were mind blowing and terrifying at the same time. I’ve never been onstage with anyone, other than Dave, where I have been confronted with a genius musician who performs at the top of their ability every time they play a concert. The shows were regularly performed to audiences of over 15,000 extremely keen listeners. Every night was an epiphany and a roller coaster ride of the most thrilling variety. Thank you Nigel, thank you David.

On this particular new series of T-Minus music, Dave is playing his favoured Alto Flute and grand piano and I am playing my favourite instrument, drums and orchestral percussion. A thank you must also go out to David Granshaw at Chale Abbey Studios for his incredible work capturing the sounds of our instruments so thoughtfully and respectfully.

For the overall rhythm of the tune I wanted to play a reggae pattern. When I was a boy my father, Howard Brown, was the headmaster of a school in Brixton (London) called St. John’s, which was situated in Angel Town. We used to go to the community fetes and social gatherings, where we were bathed in beautiful Afro Caribbean sounds and exotic odours and carnival atmospheres. I’m positive that this has had a huge impact on my musical taste and the style of rhythm that I produce. I’m almost certain it’s why I have such an affinity with Cuba and why I’ve been going back for the last four years. The hot relaxing pulse sends my mind to another dimension and raises my vibration. This is precisely why I wanted to include this new exotic joyful sound into the T-Minus library.

Next year I plan to go back to Cuba with Dave, to enlist some of my friends and record a brand new T-Minus series called ‘Exotica‘. I’m going to hire the great EGREM studios, where the famous ‘Buena Vista Social Club’ LP was made. I will go back into La Havana for industrial sounds and the beautiful Cuban rainforest for my environmental natural ‘found’ sounds!

But more on that another time!

We plan to release the new guided meditation tracks over the next few weeks / months. They are designed for different times of day but all embellished with our T-Minus tinnitus music, I can’t wait to share them with you.

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