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On to Industrial

After the Environmental series, we move the user onto the INDUSTRIAL SERIES. Because many of us live in urban environments, take trains, travel in cars, planes, motorbikes etc, it is important that we include the myriad of sounds and noises that are derived from these diverse environments.

The key is to not hide from these sounds, they can be scary or feel harmful to the tinnitus sufferer and so have to be reframed in a way to gently reintroduce them. Toned down and carefully eq’d recordings of planes, trains, boats and automobiles and associated sounds most certainly have their own charm and can carry the most positive of connotations. 

If the connection is re-wired and re-worked it is then very possible to take those sounds and give them back to the user in a less threatening manner. Invoking old memories of safety and wonderment via using the sounds of steam trains, a Citroen 2cv turning in a gravel drive etc. Soundscapes become far less obtrusive and position them further back into the mind of the sufferer.The user can start to use this building block of frequencies to help work on playing with sounds and having fun with interesting stimulating noises once more. 

By desensitising oneself to these everyday sounds, we are able to distinguish reality from fiction.