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Quality TINNITUS Sound Therapy is Key

I truly believe that correct tinnitus sound therapy relies on the quality of the content and provision. The sound therapy follows a distinct and proper path for the person struggling with ‘troublesome tinnitus’ to finally realise that leaving the ‘tinnitus maze’ is a real option. A profoundly deep confidence that the therapy is going somewhere is essential.

I would look at the T-Minus app as being similar to CIRCUIT TRAINING. It will require discipline and determination but the potential life changing outcome is worth the effort. The aim is that the user will eventually end up being curious enough and confident enough to go out and explore the sounds that envelop their hearing world again, to let the associated noises and frequencies back in and to have happiness in the knowledge that their control of the tinnitus becomes finite. There will be no hiding from the problem and exasperating the condition and self imposed isolation and negative fixations will be a thing of the past.

Working correctly through the app can allow the person with tinnitus to continue moving further into a brave new world of ‘self-empowerment, self-management’ and therefore taking back control of their auditory environment and of their whole life again.