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You may be new to tinnitus or you may have been experiencing its effects for some time, either way we offer a hand of support to help you through this journey.


Below you will find some vital information, allowing you to better understand what you are experiencing. Our articles aim to offer fairly succinct chunks of info that you can take away and digest. We share our own experiences and findings through our blog and we offer an ever evolving tool kit of management resources through our app.

If you are just starting out on this path, then please make yourself familiar with the information you find here and when ready, look to expand you understanding and approaches to the condition. Why not also join us on one of our monthly webinars or one of our peer to peer group chats.

You may have been told that tinnitus is not curable, in many cases this is true, however there are a multitude things we can all do to manage the condition successfully and to take back control.

New to Tinnitus

Welcome to T-Minus. If you are new to tinnitus, it’s important you know from the outset that you are not alone. Tinnitus is very common, affecting up to 1 in 8 of the population and sounds can vary greatly from person to person.

What is Tinnitus

By definition, tinnitus is the perception of noise(s) in the head or ear, which have no external source. Tinnitus is not a disease, or illness, it is a symptom which can be brought on by a mental or physical change, not necessarily related to hearing.

Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy as a general tool is something that millions of people use throughout the world, in fact a recent study showed that 69% of participants utilised music as their key tool for managing stress or their mental health.


T-Talks - Our monthly webinar series, where we invite specialists in the industry to discuss a certain topic relevant to the condition.

Tea With T-Minus – Our monthly peer to peer chats, a chance to discuss the condition with others going through the same thing or on their path to wellness.


There are many resources on the website and you can still listen to the T-Minus sound therapy via Spotify or Apple Music:

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