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Starting at Environmental

When beginning the T-Minus Wellness App journey, start with the ENVIRONMENTAL SERIES. A gentle, easy to listen to, pleasant introduction to sound therapy. Here you will find sounds such as flowing water, crackling fires, crunching leaves, things that already have positive connotations in our minds. 

These carefully worked tracks don’t have scary surprises, not loud sounds to shock the user but they do follow the therapeutic area of fractal tones, non looped sounds and music that changes and alters, avoiding an obvious melody. It was paramount for me to avoid ‘new age’ and ‘classical’ based subject matters. The overall aim is to build auditory confidence and begin the process of transforming the individual’s perception of sound. It’s so important for the patient to believe and know that outside Sounds won’t hurt. We would encourage you to begin finding safe havens in your everyday auditory world, whether it be by putting yourself near to the sea, near to a warm hot crackling open fire, a bubbling waterfall and a plethora of naturally occurring sounds that can soothe and calm the individuals tinnitus.