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T-Minus & ACS Custom Join Forces in the Fight Against Tinnitus

As part of World Hearing Day, we are delighted to announce a new partnership between ACS Custom and T-Minus.
The partnership is designed to establish a multi directional approach to tackling tinnitus, linking ACS’s world beating hearing protection and the T-Minus tinnitus wellness tools. In alignment with the World Health Organisation’s key messages for World Hearing Day, ACS & T-Minus will be sharing the vital message that hearing loss (and related ear problems such as tinnitus) can be avoided through preventative actions such as: protection against loud sounds and good ear care practices.

Both the founders of ACS and T-Minus have had long battles with tinnitus and so are uniquely positioned to advise and support these initiatives. Coupled with the enthusiasm and passion both companies have around this subject, the collaboration is set to include a host of exciting activities, designed to minimise the number of people who have to deal with this life changing condition. We are fully committed to raising tinnitus awareness and helping our community to protect themselves because many people don’t realise how at risk they are. 

“We felt that in order to really consider ourselves a tinnitus wellness company, we had to look at this side of the condition. As well as providing tools to support those who already have tinnitus, we have to provide the information and the best hearing protection options, to try and help people avoid getting it at all. We are excited that it is with ACS Custom because they are the products that we use for ourselves” 

– James Rodley – Co-Founder T-Minus 

It’s not only musicians who could get tinnitus or lose their hearing.
Listening to headphones (particularly in-ear options) turned up to the MAX, Spinning, Zumba, aerobics and all kinds of exercise classes play music at a sometimes dangerously loud level to excite and motivate the participants. Gyms and swimming pools, factories and clubs are often all housed in cavernous buildings that act as sound amplifiers thereby increasing the need for ear protection. 

For the tinnitus community that struggles to leave the house or travel for fear of the sound hurting them we would suggest a light attenuating pair of earplugs such as the ACS Pro 10 model. For loud bars, concerts, motorcycling and open planned uncarpeted conference halls we would suggest something with greater attenuation. 

It’s exciting to add this to our toolkit and we want you to know that you are not alone, and with these great ear plugs you can even further begin to control your auditory environment and do the activities you love on your own terms. 

One of the keys areas when dealing with troublesome tinnitus is letting go of any associated emotional stress.

Once the body and mind begin to relax and break away from the isolating feelings that fear may bring, we can then allow our peaceful qualities to appear once more. At this point the positive possibilities become a reality.

We are truly excited to be working with ACS, it feels like such a natural partnership as I have used their hearing protection for many years now. Having had a very long personal battle with tinnitus, I understand the need for good haring protection. ACS are the ultimate partner to work with on delivering education around hearing protection and we are dedicated to working with them to support their customers with the condition. I’ve lived within the Tinnitus world of tones, sounds, frequencies and an array of coloured noises the majority of my life. So therefore, we’re now able to assist the Tinnitus community in navigating a way out of the ‘Tinnitus Maze. Having the confidence to exist in a world of sounds has just got easier.

– Rupert Brown Co-Founder T-Minus

We can’t wait to share more information with you about this partnership over the coming months. You can find out more about ACS Custom on their website.

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