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T-Minus selected for The Hill NHS Accelerator

 It’s with enormous pride that we can announce that we have been accepted onto The Hill’s NHS Market Access Accelerator & Digital Innovation Programme. This is particularly exciting for us, as it is the only accelerator of its kind embedded into the NHS and specifically, Oxford NHS Foundation Trust. Not only that, but this connection opens up the amazing network at Oxford University Hospital. 

After a process that involved interviews with the panel at The Hill, we were able to highlight our development plan for the coming months, including our thoughts on the options available to patients taking the tinnitus pathways through the NHS. We truly believe that there is a call for an effective tinnitus management tool, in particular one that can empower us as the patients and our amazing community.

As members of the tinnitus community, this just shows that we do have the potential to make a difference in our own health and healthcare systems!

What does this mean to you? 

Well a number of things, but perhaps most importantly this shows a recognition and acknowledgement of issues with our current pathway for those with tinnitus in the UK. At T-Minus, we hope to be part of the solution and to continue supporting the community from first experiencing the condition, through to long term management and habituation. This also means that in the not too distant future, you may be able to get access to the growing resources created by T-Minus via the NHS and your local doctor. 

“To be one of the few companies privileged to be selected for this programme, is extremely exciting for us. We will be able to implement our ideas and innovations and give ourselves the best chance to continue creating a powerful tinnitus management tool and to broaden the size of the growing tinnitus community at T-Minus.” 

Rupert Brown – T-Minus Co-Founder

We must take a moment to thank our wonderful advisors and everyone who has supported us so far, to all of those who choose to subscribe to the T-Minus app and to everyone who attends our monthly calls. Without you, we likely wouldn’t be in the position to take up this offer.

7 thoughts on “T-Minus selected for The Hill NHS Accelerator

  1. All the very best, there is so much tinnitus talk but limited or no audiological action. T-Minus are taking this world of woe forward to create a path to progress and that is the most admirable attitude. Well done to the team – you are super troopers in a field where there is so much negativity to those in the darkest of corners, T-Minus are a credit, keep up the good work.

  2. Great news, congratulations! About time something was done for this “drive you crazy debilitating condition.”
    Most suffer in in silence (silence?) Treatments don’t work and cost a fortune!
    Fingers crossed for some real progress!

  3. it’s a honor to be in the T-minus community,
    well done to everyone involved 👏..

    So so happy for you,

    This will be a massive help for people
    struggling with tinnitus..

    There is hope 🙏

  4. Congratulations to the T-minus team. I am looking forward to an exiting future for Tinnitus management within the NHS and beyond.

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