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T-Minus Sound Therapy is Different

Most other sound therapies are designed to mask or keep a user in homeostasis, to give short term solutions and short term relief with no long term plan to move people on.

This was one of the reasons I took on creating the T-Minus sound therapy, along with the label, personnel and support structure in place, and most importantly my experiences with tinnitus, I was in a unique position to really get the therapy right and make it available to the tinnitus community. An expert at having tinnitus (and nearly all of the associated problems that are connected with this condition) for 30 years, I have used sound therapy to continue my career as an artist, producer, writer, musician and teacher.

TheT-Minus tinnitus sound therapy and App have an exit strategy built in, meaning that after progressively moving through each series, how ever long it takes, there is an end in sight. We try to support the user to regain control of their auditory surroundings and begin to exist in a world of sound with complete confidence and happiness.

The key aim of the T-Minus sound therapy is to support the user with tinnitus specific sounds and frequencies for ongoing play and experimentation. Users are encouraged to remember that sound and hearing greatly benefits all of our lives. In order to preserve, strengthen, practice and grow this special sense, we must gently remind ourselves that Sound experiences through enrichment are not to be feared but explored.