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‘The Fear of Fear’

March 2020 and my thoughts and concerns surrounding the global pandemic were of shock, disbelief and horror.

I spent a very long week in my studio contemplating the world wide fate. After much deliberation, soul searching and information gathering, I felt comfortable enough to relinquish personal fears. I doubled my efforts to create harmonious and beautiful soundscapes that were juxtaposed with thoughts of my beloved tinnitus community (and many others also) dealing with the powerful notion of feeling “afraid of being afraid.”

It’s more crucial now than it has ever been to stay in the ‘present’ and carry positive thoughts and feelings with me and utilise any observations throughout the day, to then take back to my recording studio and get creative with my findings.

The need for a positive solution came in the development of a series of T-Minus digital care packages. Contained in the ‘cyber bundles’ were guided sonic mind environmental journeys, thoughts and tinnitus, tips for the day, mental and physical exercises plans. 

Lastly and importantly, we make ourselves AVAILABLE to YOU.