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Tinnitus Guided Meditations

I have been working and embarking on a series of tinnitus specific guided meditations. It’s been a long and inspiring journey, travelling back through the effects sounds can have on my own tinnitus and the appropriate scripts to guide you through the meditation. I believe the 6 pieces are unique. 

The picture was taken in Avebury. (Natural environmental sounds were also recorded)

Having the ‘Confidence’ and knowing  that sound will not harm you and learning to once again adapt and enjoy a wonderful world of sound and noise is the world that all of us in the tinnitus community desire.

As I have sadly experienced a wide range of tinnitus symptoms I therefore understand how to create and work with them. By targeting the specific tones that the listener might have, I’m able to-immediately give the listener the chance to park their own sounds somewhere else. 

After those sounds are embedded into the music I’m able to then offer other tones and hz sounds into the equation thus giving the brain the chance to refocus and look elsewhere for a new sound source. It’s important that the music isn’t both classical or new age. This is because I want the listener to be taken somewhere completely different and in order to present this I have to create a brand new sound reality.