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We Tear in Order to Heal

In order to heal, sometimes we have to tear.

I was reminded by this fact whilst talking with a psychologist we work with. 

Through my tinnitus life I’ve had to go through many setbacks and dark ‘broken’ times that have scarred and shaped my expressive ‘land’ and ‘soundscapes’.

Every time the sufferer has a minor or major setback we are reminded that we have to restart the ‘habituation’ process again. Initially I thought that I would only have to go through this once in my life (as the process can take from a couple of months to several years, and longer)

Three times I’ve had to “TEAR” before I could heal. 

At the time, the journey back to wellness seemed completely insurmountable, but with distance and armed with a further appreciation of the time spent educating myself; I am able to positively reflect on those times.

Allowing my mind to bathe in natural auditory environments was essential to the process of healing.

As members of our beloved tinnitus community that are recovering (or recovered) we all have the ability to help other less fortunate sufferers that are struggling with tinnitus.

Communicating, listening and offering good information (coping strategies) goes a long way in helping people to HEAL.