Why is
T-Minus Different?

Founded by people with tinnitus

We are founded by highly passionate individuals, on the basis of having HAD tinnitus and not merely observing its negative effects and symptoms. We see this as an invaluable part of the puzzle, and it remains a key motivator for the ongoing success of T-Minus.

Our key focus areas

We focus on 3 key areas when approaching tinnitus wellness and ongoing management, these form the basis of the app, the website and guide our ongoing development plans. These areas are:


The highest quality management tools

From our unique sound therapy, to guided meditations and for the addition of further tools that are in progress, we do our research, understand the problem, find the right specialists to support us and then we build the tool from scratch, always coming from the position of someone with tinnitus.


Psychological approaches to tinnitus

Without someone experiencing the stresses, anxiety and other psychological impacts of tinnitus, it is difficult to understand how big an effect it can have on our lives. Our experiences and work with psychologists has allowed us to frame some of these experiences, from grief, to anger, through to acceptance and normality. We look to highlight how certain models or practices can help us better understand the position we are in and how to move through it.


Clinical information for self empowerment

Understanding tinnitus from a clinical and physiological perspective should be high on the list of anyone struggling with the condition. Many people find relief by seeking out the physical cause of their tinnitus, whether from Jaw misalignment, neck problems, ear wax build up etc. However for the many without an obvious physical cause, we too should understand the real impacts the treatments or techniques we choose can have and learn to re-structure our relationship with the condition.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards when approaching this subject, that is important to us because it’s what tinnitus deserves. To that end, we enlist the support of our Board of Patrons when we are working on new ideas and preparing to share new content. With a wealth of experience in the tinnitus world, they are with us, working on the right steps for our users and the tinnitus community.

What Else is Different?

Sound Therapy

Sound therapies are generally designed to mask or keep a user in homeostasis and to give short term solutions and short term relief, with no long term plan to move people on.

The T-Minus sound therapy music was designed by Rupert Brown. An expert at having tinnitus (and many of the associated problems that are connected with this condition) for 30 years.

The key aim of the T-Minus sound therapy is to support the user with tinnitus specific sounds and frequencies for ongoing play and experimentation.

T-Minus are the first company to really dig deep into the subject and production of tinnitus sound therapy, with sound experts, world class musicians and producers and most importantly, fellow tinnitus sufferers. Shunning the practice of using stock sound libraries, looped sounds and poor quality recordings, there is only so much time we can bear listening to white or brown noise!

Instead we travel the world to capture and blend unique, real time sound experiences, with the love and attention that that condition deserves.

You can find out more about the T-Minus sound therapy design and course here

Meditations & Mindfulness

Meditation is an ancient practice, its benefits are recorded throughout the world and throughout time. When taking on the challenge of meditations for the tinnitus community, we felt there were three important factors to get right:

  • The scripts, which include references to the ears, the sinuses and the breath. Each is designed to take you on a journey.
  • The Soundscapes are what allow you to drift into the subject whilst not having to focus on your internal sounds. Let them wash over you and play in the background, whilst you follow the steps of each instructor.
  • The Voice – We all react differently to voices, it was important to present a variety of styles, intonations and pitches to support your transition into the subconscious.
  • You can read more about each meditation and the thoughts behind their production here.

    We also encourage mindful practices, with a journal section in the app and we urge users to take simple steps to offload worries and anxieties, note your reasons for being grateful and to spot trends in your tinnitus symptoms.


The right information can be fairly overwhelming to collect and decipher as a new tinnitus sufferer. As time goes on, finding truthful or validated information presents an equally difficult problem. The information we deliver is designed to be simple, worded in a non-medical way and to stick to the facts. We try and gather the information that can be utilised in a generic sense, for more specific advice and guidelines relevant to your locations governing bodies, please refer to your doctor or associated governmental websites.

We offer simple succinct answers to the most common tinnitus questions via the Tinnitus FAQs section of our app, in addition to this, we expand on a variety of topics on our T-Minus website, quickly becoming a hub for those with the condition.

Every month we also host ‘T-Talks’, which are monthly webinars to discuss relevant topics to those with tinnitus. These include interviews with specialists in each area and empower listeners to make well educated decisions on their treatment and lifestyle choices.

T-Minus App Design & Updates

We designed the T-Minus app to look beautiful and to work well. When designing our UI, we were drawn back to the experience and excitement of sifting through records in the local record shop of finding gems in your own collection. Each series of sound therapy has its own carousel of records and within each, you will find sleeve notes to describe the album in more detail.

As well as regularly adding content, we maintain the app and bug fix at regular intervals. We consistently develop and integrate new ideas, whilst keeping abreast of our code.